Software Management Tool

Publication Date

Spring 2012

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Sook-Ok Park

Second Advisor

Dr. K.C. Wong

Third Advisor

Professor Sam Shahid


The project entitled “Software Project Management Tool” deals with the various levels of project development and will account for time used in Analysis, Design, Programming, Testing and Verification etc.

It is well known fact that software companies undertake huge projects more than one at a time. Hence there is a profound need for the organizations to manage all the projects efficiently and ensure that projects cycle goes on smoothly and they are completed on time.

During the lifetime of a project, the organization has to commemorate all the activities of the project. This tool makes it easier for the organization to monitor the project. It maintains records and tracks various parameters that influence software project development process and helps the management to take decisions at various stages of the project development.

The product will assist the organization in maintaining record of every project it undertakes. All the information relevant to the projects like size, time, effort and departments involved, etc. is maintained by this tool.


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