Methodologies of Financial Data Management and Analysis

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Capstone Project

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Master of Science




The purpose of this paper was to explore the functions of an accounting firm, highlight the experiences of an internship in accounting, investigate connections to the actuarial field, and explore the role of data management in the financial sector. The actuarial field was explored in a general sense, with detail provided on each discipline available to prospective associates. The focus was on generalized functions of an actuary and the role of data management. The term data management refers to a subcategory taken from the newly emerged area of data science. While data science was briefly discussed, this paper places more emphasis on the structure and flow of data. Experiences of the accounting internship serve as primary examples of how concepts in data management can be applied. The internship itself was an eight-week, fifty-hour work experience, involving tasks and small projects relating to clients and general operations of the accounting firm. The paper addresses four small projects or tasks specifically and uses these to demonstrate concepts of data. Where possible they were compared to functions of actuaries. The paper was concluded with a summary of why data management is important to the financial sector, how the accounting profession could be impacted by data science and technological advances, and shifting emphasis of key skills in the actuarial profession.


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