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Capstone Project

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Master of Science


Computer Science


After going through the project description, we have recollected a saying like “Helping hands are better than praying lips”. If the individuals are having the intention of helping the needy people, then with the help of the technology, people can help the individuals from any corner on the Globe. As the current project is related to the concept of fund raising by using a website, where people can be connected, they can view the information related to the campaigns, and with the help of available tools on the website people can publish the information of the campaigns. By using the web application, people can reach to all the viewers on the globe, and they can raise the funds with the help of the latest technologies.

This application will be used by 3 different types of users, they are, users, donors and Administrators. Following will be the roles and responsibilities of 3 users.

a. User: He is the person who will be registering with the application and then publishes the information related to campaign. He is also called as the fund raiser. He can view the details of the donors, and total donations etc.
b. Donor: These people will be viewing the information that are posted in the web application. Based on the available information, it is the interest of donor to donate the fund for any of the event. Application will be providing the features for the donation and maintains the history of the donor transactions.
c. Administrator: Administrator is the key person for maintaining all the accounts of the web application. Proper account management will be done by establishing the security, authentication and user authorization will be achieved by implementing the admin roles and responsibilities.

Apart from this, other features like searching, viewing, reports, notifications and alerts will be implemented in this application. Application will be designed in such a way that, it will be user friendly, easily understandable and serves the purpose. To develop this application, we will be using the .Net as front-end technology, and for the database SQL server management studio will be used.


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