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Capstone Project

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Master of Science


Computer Science


Getting the customers and increasing the growth of the organization became very difficult for the business organizations. All these organizations want to make use of technology and make the people know about them that what they are and how they look different from others, what are the services they offer, what kind of quality they provide etc. To achieve the competitive advantage and to increase the organization growth, organizations are keeping every effort.

Current project is a web application where all the local business organizations i.e., business owners will be the clients to this application. All these organizations will be sharing their services on the application. Reviewers will be visiting the application and they can be able to share their experiences on the concerned business owner in the form of review. Before going to get the service from the business owner, this application will provide the reviews to the customers on the service provider. By seeing such information, customer can decide whether to go for that service provider or not. Customer will be having a chance to give the feedback on the service provider.

By this we can understand that business owner will get negative or positive feedback. Positive feedback will help the business owner to get more customers, negative feedback may create problems initially, but, if the organization concentrates on the issues they have made and if they try to satisfy the customers by providing the best services on the feedback given by the reviewers, then this kind of web application will help them to make them better.

This application will be used by 3 types of users like Admin, customer or reviewer and Business owner. Every user will be having their own dashboards in doing the operations. This is a new application where it will be useful for the business organizations and also for the customers. To implement the application, we are selecting the technologies like .Net, HTML, CSS and for database SQL server management studio. To complete this application, it will be taking nearly 90 to 100 days, starting date of the project is 1-09-2020 and it should be completed by the 20-11-2020.


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