Publication Date

Fall 2019

Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Arts


Public Administration

First Advisor

Vincent Jones, J.D.

Second Advisor

Susan Gaffney, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Nicole Warmington-Granston, Ph.D.


The research topic focuses on the Black Lives Matter Movement. This topic is worth researching because African-Americans have been brutally victimized by their non-minority slave owners and law enforcement since they were brought to American from Africa. Although there have been African-American leaders that have fought for equality and fair treatment within the legal system; the plight of African-Americans has not progressed as much as one would expect. This study attempted to determine if the Black Lives Matter Movement has an effect on policy and procedure changes within law enforcement at their place of employment. The sample population consisted of seventy-five sworn officers. The survey strategy of inquiry was utilized. The study took place in municipalities located in Cook County Illinois excluding Chicago, The questionnaires were distributed and collected from law enforcement. The data indicated that less than half of sworn police officers' perceptions was neutral, in regards to the influence of the Black Lives Matter Movement has had on policy and procedure. The majority of sworn police officers believe that there is need for more diversity and de-escalation training.