Publication Date

Fall 2022

Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Science


Information Technology

First Advisor

Professor Richard Manprisio

Second Advisor

Professor Mohammed Salam

Third Advisor

Professor Stephen Hyzny


The medical industry is quickly adapting to keep up with the rapid improvements in technology. The use of the technical developments that had been made in this area resulted in the conception of " telemedicine”. Methods that were previously imprecise, time-consuming, and riddled with errors are being phased out in favor of more efficient ones that make use of the internet. These methods make it possible to access data in real time while maintaining a high level of authentication. The concept revolves on the use of cloud computing and the broadcasting of media in real time. The data is uploaded to a website in a manner that is appropriate for viewing by approved medical personnel, and then made publicly accessible on the internet. Cloud computing is having a game-changing impact in the field of telemedicine. There are already a lot of people working in the medical field who use cloud computing's more sophisticated healthcare applications. There is widespread consensus among industry experts and academics that cloud computing has the potential to significantly advance the state of medical care delivery. This paper explores how cloud computing can be used in a manner that is both safe and secure within the context of telehealth.