Publication Date

Fall 2022

Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Science


Information Technology

First Advisor

Professor Rich Manprisio

Second Advisor

Professor Mohammed Salam

Third Advisor

Professor Stephen R. Hyzny


The Internet of Things is a new paradigm that has transformed the conventional approach to technology. The Internet of Things is responsible for such developments as the smart city, home automation, prevention of pollution, energy efficiency, and industrial automation. In order to improve technology by means of the IoT, a significant amount of important research studies and analyses have been carried out. In spite of this, there continue to be a number of roadblocks that need to be resolved before the Internet of Things can live up to its full promise. These difficulties and challenges need to be evaluated from a variety of perspectives regarding the Internet of Things, including challenges and issues. The paper provides a comprehensive discussion from both a technical and a social point of view. The paper explores a variety of IoT difficulties and essential concerns, as well as architectural considerations and significant application fields.