Talent Jet

Publication Date

Fall 2022

Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Dae Wook Kim


In today's world, finding a job is like a rat race in every professional field. The scenario is such that finding jobs that fit the skill sets and interests takes much work for job seekers. On the other side, recruiters face similar challenges in finding the finest candidate to match their requirements.

Talent jet is a website with unique ingredients to solve all these challenges. Talent jet provides an easy and convenient search application for job seekers to find their desired job and recruiters to find suitable candidates. Talent jet will provide a platform where job seekers and recruiters can interact with each other irrespective of geographical barriers, with just a click. That is why Talent jet is an important project.

The website is developed by our team from scratch with all the required functionality to make the website user-friendly. It will contain mainly three user roles jobseeker, recruiter, and administrator. All of them will have a different console with unique functions. Jobseekers need to set up an account with the website before applying for a position. Recruiters will post job openings and contact applicants. The administrator will manage users and job postings. The home page will be the landing page after signup and signing in. It will be very interactive with different and useful sections to navigate

To develop this website, we have used reliable and robust programming language like Java, with spring boot framework for back-end. HTML, CSS, and Java script for front-end. MySQL for creating database and tables to store the data. Talent Jet will be release out and will be available to all the users from 29/11/2022, Tuesday.