Jobs Planet

Publication Date

Fall 2022

Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Dae Wook (wooky) kim


Companies need help to discover candidates who are skilled enough to get hired. Companies put in a lot of effort to locatepersonnel who can meet their requirements. For a Job seeker, not having proper knowledge about an organization, its workculture, and its current job opening is a big challenge.

Jobs Planet is a website that is a one-stop solution for Recruiters and Job Seekers. We reach a more comprehensive range ofaudiences for Recruiters who can connect with the right candidate and Job Seekers to get information about organizations andtheir current openings. For the Recruiters, recommendations are given based on the qualifications and skill set mentioned in thejob post. For Job Seekers, our website helps the users to easily navigate among the tabs to identify the openings as per theircompetency effortlessly.

The website Jobs Planet is built from scratch to smoothen and shorten the hiring process, providing the ultimate search experiencefor Recruiters and Job Seekers and cost savings for the Recruiter. This application has a user-friendly interface with better searchresults due to the basic and advanced search options and various jobs available. Our website provides alerts and a trackingmechanism so that users (both the job seeker and Recruiter) know each step of progress in their application.

The application is developed and is ready for release by the end of November 2022. Post the release, we aim to start with premiumservices on our website and develop a mobile application.