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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to make an exploratory inquiry into the state of policy development processes in institutions of higher education, and to review the history and mission of the Association of College and University Policy Administrators (ACUPA). Methodology: Members of ACUPA were surveyed concerning their opinions of the status of policy development, and where the policy process was located in local governance structures. A survey was conducted of ACUPA membership in March and April 2005. Results: 24 institutions responded to the survey, half of them identifying themselves as Doctoral or Research Universities (Carnegie Classification, 2000). 75% of respondents rated their policy development processes as “average”, “above average”, or “very good”. 60% report to a President or Vice President. Conclusions: The results were inconclusive. There appeared to be a tendency for those who portrayed their policy process as “centralized” or “both” to rate their process more favorably than those who described their setting as “decentralized” or “disorganized.” Nearly 65% (9 of 14) of those who chose “centralized” or “both” rated their process either “very good” or “above average.” Even though this small survey sample had inconclusive results, it is a significant contribution to the literature in the field, which is scarce. Recommendations: This brief survey raised additional questions which need further research. Persons who are interested in joining the network of policy administrators and developers of ACUPA should view the web site at for more information.

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