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Background: A cohort of faculty from Governors State University were chosen to receive technology training and develop web based education projects incorporating digitized primary sources from the Library of Congress' American Memory Collection in May 2006. Using a constructivist framework, three web-enhanced projects, which are works in progress, were developed to illumine and enliven nursing's history for today's learner. These projects utilize digitized primary sources, which are defined as documents or other sources of information created at or near the time being studied. Use of primary sources is not common in nursing and represents a new approach to enhancing nursing curricula. The three nursing projects are:

Nursing Licensure, Legislation, and Nurse Practice Acts - Shirley Comer

Advocacy and Health Policy-Nursing's Legacy and Future - Catherine Tymkow

Mary Ann ”Mother” Bickerdyke, An Illinois Civil War Nurse - Paul Blobaum

Methods: The GSU AAM project is innovative in its approach among other AAM programs by supplying each participant with a laptop computer, digital camera, and USB flash drive, in addition to training and support in using the LOC website and web publishing. Each author makes a commitment to use the experiences of this project to enhance current pedagogical techniques directly in the classroom, mentor colleagues for one year, and disseminate the results of their scholarship.


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