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This Executive Summary is an overview of the findings from three research projects, funded through a two year grant. The American Foundation for Research & Consumer Education in Social Work Regulation, the research arm of the Association of Social Work Boards awarded the two year grant to Kim Boland-Prom, Ph.D., Social Work Department, Governors State University.

The research results are summarized in two different sections: section one discusses school social workers sanctioned by boards of education and licensing boards, and section two presents results on social workers who are sanctioned by their state licensing boards. For more detailed information about the research protocols including data collection and analysis, please refer to the papers cited below (see also notes field of this OPUS record):

Boland-Prom, K.W. (under review) Ethical challenges: A descriptive study of sanctioned social workers, 2000-2009. Submitted to Social Work on 12/26/11.

Boland-Prom, K.W., & Alvarez, M.E., (under review) Ethical challenges in school social work: A qualitative study. Submitted to School Social Work Journal on 12/16/11.

Boland-Prom, K.W., & Alvarez, M. E., (under review) School social workers sanctioned by state departments of education and licensing boards. Submitted to Children & Schools on 10/19/11.

Information from this study will be added to:

Boland-Prom, K., & Vogt, A., (revising for resubmission) Examination of the behavior of sanctioned social workers. Submitted to Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 9/14/11.

The data collected in this research is robust enough to support more articles about social workers sanctioned by regulatory boards. In 2017, the archived databases from these studies will be available for future researchers. Researchers can make requests directly to the American Foundation for Research & Consumer Education in Social Work Regulation.


See related published journal articles:

Boland-Prom, K. W. (2009). Results from a national study of social workers sanctioned by state licensing boards. Social Work, 54(4), 351-360. doi:10.1093/sw/54.4.351

Boland-Prom, K., & Alvarez, M. E. (2014). School social workers sanctioned by state departments of education and state licensing boards. Children & Schools, 36(3), 135-144. doi:10.1093/cs/cdu012

Boland-Prom, K., Johnson, J., & Gunaganti, G. S. (2015). Sanctioning patterns of social work licensing boards, 2000–2009. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 25(2), 126–136.

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