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This checklist gives authors a list of quality indicators to assist in the evaluation of journal quality when considering what journal to submit a manuscript to. None of these indicators establish credibility and legitimacy alone, but together may build a body of evidence that will support evaluative judgments. Pay-to-publish models, and charges to publish articles in open-access format have been adopted by legitimate and reputable publishers over time, but the solicitation of manuscripts by new publishers, especially those opaque policies and promising a fast turn around and publication time, and promising peer review have proliferated, and many of these publication venues are questionable at best, unethical to say the least, and minimally, scams. Authors should use caution and consult with librarians and colleagues when considering publication venues.


Updated 12/5/2017. This checklist is based on a document prepared for the Medical Library Association Annual Conference in May, 2013.

The April 19, 2013 version is available upon request to the Author (contact information is included in the document.)