The Faculty Senate meets the third Thursday of every month, 1 to 3 pm, usually in the McGee Hall of Honors.

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Senate Standing Committees
Faculty Senate committees meet monthly or twice a month; schedule varies. Contact the committee chair for schedule.

University Curriculum Committee
UCC recommends to the Provost Office the approval, modification, or rejection of all new courses and all changes to existing courses on a periodic basis. It also reviews proposed academic curricula on a periodic basis, including use of criteria on the scope, level, and sequence of work, internal and external evaluation, admission requirements, culminating experiences, and qualification of teaching Faculty.

Academic Program Review Committee (APRC)

Institutional Policy Committee (IPC)
The Institutional Policies Committee serves as a clearinghouse for University educational policy. The EPC receives and evaluates educational policy proposals and revisions from faculty and administration; reviews existing University and collegial educational policies for consistency, clarity, and applicability; and recommends new policies and policy changes to the Faculty Senate.


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