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Billy Howell, College of Business and Public Service (CBPS), commencement ceremonies, conferences, Curtis Johnson, Donald Douglas, Edna Pennington, Institute for Public Policy and Administration, Joanne Deckman, Joe Planera, Miguel Valdivieso, North West Territory Alliance, Park Forest South name change, Paul A. Dillon, school health services, theater, Women's Resource Center


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] How Parking Fees are Utilized\Carolyn Greer [p.2] E.A.S. Professor Supports Ecology Movement|Leslie Faison [p.3] Editorials--"Secret" G.S.U. Policy Denies Students Right to Commence\Pamela Toll--Child Care Center Will Not Close!--Students Face a "Long Road Ahead"\Leslie Faison [p.4] "The Rename Park Forest South Contest"--A Challenge: Describe a Clamato--Wonder Why There Is No Check?--Education in Conservation--NSSHA News [p.5] Students in the News--Featuring a Remarkable Student\Sondra Ricciardi--First Student to Speak at Faculty Seminar [p.6] G.S.U. 1776: A Visit From the Past--Who's Who at G.S.U.--Alumni Member Turns to Law--Outstanding Citizen is G.S.U. Community Professor--Media Critic Joins Colleagues at G.S.U. Symposium--Next on the Agenda--New Health Care Services--G.S.U. Student Nominated by Jaycees [p.7] Classes and Workshops E.T.C.--Join Competition for 1978 Literary Awards--"Making Government Work"--A Growing Experience--Workshop to "Assess Learning"--Nurses Conference Held for Nurses Who Treat Cancer Patients--"Extending Women's Resources" Conference and Concert--Dr. Joyce Kennedy Conference: An Invitation [p.8] "Down the Road" with Billy Howell: Billy Heals Someone's Soul\Carolyn Greer [p.9] Dream Weavers: Poetry and Fiction [p.10] Virginia Woolf: Didn't Quite Make It\Pamela Toll--Theology for Lunch--Something to Meow At--Jazz Comes--Scandinavian Display [p.11] Amended Constitution for B.P.S.--L.R.C. News: Corporation Disclosures\Carl Peterson [p.12] JobMart.