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accreditation, Benjamin T. Willis, bookstores, campus parking, collective bargaining, cooperative education, Innovator, jazz ensembles, scholarships, sculpture parks, student evaluation of instruction, student housing, student registration, surveys, veterans


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] Accreditation Information--More Money Available--Student Dialogue--And They're Off and Running [p.2] Letters--Bookstore: Its Problems--Blue Notes: The New Black Politics/Robert A. Blue--Duel I [p.3] A Modern Day Fairy Tale: Beauty Meets the Beast/Tony Wardynski--Coming Out of the Bag: A Sacking by SSAC [p.4] Censorship Relates to Good Omen--If We Told You The Whole Story We Wouldn't Be Around Much Longer--Discovery of a New Drug: Consciousness Raising--Dope Scope--Don't Let the Flu Get You [p.5] Registration Under the Green Lights/Tom Mandel--Space - No; Rules- Yes--Learning Experiences at GSU: Dr. B.J. Willis Speaks on Black Values/Jean Kalwa--Singles [p.6] Up and Commining [sic]--Beginnings by Schapiro--GSU Concert: A First--Woodwindy & Brassy--Student Evaluation: Does It Really Matter?--Summer Life in Spain [p.7] Christmas With No Clouds: Sharing with Friends, Making Memories that Last/Ramonita Segarra--Gonna Take You Higher: This is How a Student Lives/JMK [p.8] Yesterday's News Today: BOG Faculty Votes for Collective Bargaining--People on the Move [p.9] 23% Increase in Benefits: Vet Bill a Good Bet--Free Tutoring for Vets--Viet Vets Get Insurance Break--Attention Veterans [p.10] The Wonder of Westhaven: Another Look at What It Is/Tony Wardynski [p.12] Cooperative Education as It Relates to Your Situation.