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Association of Illinois Student Governments (AISG), Black History Month, cafeterias, calendars, campus-based child care, College of Cultural Studies (CCS), College of Environmental and Applied Sciences (CEAS), College of Human Learning and Development (CHLD), constitutions, cooperative education, David R. Burgest, educational fund raising, fees, financial aid, grants, gymnasiums, Maxwell Bennett, scholarships, student housing, student registration, swimming pools, University Assembly elections, Women's Studies


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] G.S.U. to Try Trimesters/Jean Kalwa--Fear and Loathing in Videoland/Ken Stachon and Lloyd DeGrane [p.2] Blue Notes: CIA Can I Ask: Yes...But Do I Really Want to Know?/Robert A. Blue--University Professor Protests: "Degraded and Dehumanized"--It's Up to You GSU/Tony Wardynski--Letters [p.3] UA Representative in CCS--"We Thought You'd Like to Know..."--The Cry of a Shattered Dream Echoes through the Hall of Governors/Tony Wardynski [p.4] Raise $$ for Child Care Center--$15 Grad Test Fee Starts in March/April--Max Bennett Runs for Trustee--Alternate Ed. Programs Funded--Just So You Know [p.5] Inconvenient Woman/Jean Kalwa--Make Your Passes for Lost Glasses/Jean Kalwa--Tryout for Blithe Spirit--Biologist to Speak for the Birds--Attention Lovers (of Art) [p.6] Human Services Council Hosts Mental Health Panel--Forum's 'Good Doctor' Extended to March 2/Jean Kalwa--Objecting Roomie Evicted--G.S.U. Pool Open: Life Guards Needed Now!! [p.7] Take a Hit on the Magnolia Club/Jean Kalwa--Open House--Gym Staff Gets on Case [p.8] Teacher Travel Africa in 1975--1976 Future Shock: Fiscal Year Change/Donald R. Herzog--Medical Notes--Rap with Aunt Martha--FDA Approves 'Morning After' Pill [p.9] Research Reefer Madness--Money Matters--Mad Mel's Media Module: A Living Lab--Student Hunt for Treasure in F.A. [pp.10-11] Proposed GSU Constitution [p.12] My Back Papers/Tony Wardynski [pp.14-15] "We Pressed Onward Trusting Our Lord Jesus Electro"--Cooperative Education. [p.16] The Iceman Returneth!