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cafeterias, campus parking, Child Care Center, College of Cultural Studies (CCS), College of Environmental and Applied Sciences (CEAS), College of Human Learning and Development (CHLD), concerts, cooperative education, educational innovations, Instructional Communications Center (ICC), Learning Resources Center (LRC), maps, mission statements, sculpture exhibitions, sculpture parks, self-instruction, shuttle services, Student Services Advisory Committee (SSAC), University Advocate, University Assembly, University Without Walls (UWW), veterans, Vet's Club


The Innovator was a student newspaper published at Governors State University between March 1972 and October 2000. The newspaper featured student reporting, opinions, news, photos, poetry, and original graphics.


[p.1] Success of Interdisciplinary Studies Difficult--Governor's State Designated University of Monumental Art--Gorp for Camping Bakcpacking [sic] or Biking--Marijuana Smoke Slowly Engulfing the Country [p.3] University Without Walls Orientation September 18--GSU Community Brass Quintet Will Perform Sept. 16, Here--Individualized Experimental Approach in University Without Walls Program/Sharon Wallace [p.4] Editorial: More Than a Learning Experience--Letters [p.5] Governors State University: The University Mission, Objectives and Characteristics [p.6] Innovative and Experimental Practices at Governors State University--Memo [p.7] Governance--SSAC in Session [p.8] Good Standing Policy--Parking Cards--GSU Shuttle Service [p.9] Parking and Operating Regulations [p.10] The College of Environmental and Applied Sciences [p.11] The College of Cultural Studies [p.12] The College of Human Learning and Development/JoAnn Hollowell and Roy T. Cogdell--What's It All About in CHLD [p.13] Cooperative Education--JobMart [p.14] The Learning Resources Center [p.15] Child Care [p.16] Description of the University Advocate Program at GSU [p.17] Five Financial Aid Programs--The Big Payback [p.18] The GSU Quickie: Our Answer to Many Tastes--Veterans [p.11] New Words--What is a Sim?