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Throughout the pandemic, Governors State University (the “University” or “GSU”) has prioritized the health and safety of the GSU community while focusing on providing high-quality instruction and advising, no matter the delivery platform. It will continue to do so for Academic Year 2022-23 (AY23) as outlined in this plan. The times are unprecedented, and the campus has drawn on its history of innovation and flexibility to construct the AY23 Operating Plan (the “Operating Plan”) with its models of working and learning that meet campus needs.

This Operating Plan represents the framework within which decisions will be made for Summer 2022 and AY23. Our actions are guided by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) layered prevention strategy to limit the spread of Covid-19. Precaution levels, set as green-yellow-red, guide our operations. Please monitor our campus website as it will reflect our most current response to COVID- 19 and indicate our current Public Health Precaution Level (green, yellow, red).

Additionally, the University is following the Illinois mandate which requires that those eligible to receive a vaccination for Covid-19 do so and submit proof of vaccination to the Campus Covid-19 portal. These requirements are found in the posted GSU policy linked here. Those that remain unvaccinated are required to submit a weekly test of a negative response to the Covid-19 virus to remain compliant with Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order. GSU does not require testing for all regardless of vaccination status. However, GSU strongly encourages all community members to test before returning to campus after travel or being around large crowds, regardless of vaccination status. GSU also strongly urges all community members who are eligible to receive a vaccine booster to get one as soon as possible. The University will continue to monitor conditions and may update its testing policy if there is a change in the Governor’s order. And, of course, all members of the community are expected to monitor their health conditions on a daily basis and refrain from coming to campus if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.