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GSU President Elaine P. Maimon and Dr. Mort Maimon are committed to ensuring that every student has the resources they need to succeed. As lifelong educators, the Maimons have seen firsthand the positive outcomes when there is a long-term sustainable commitment to improving student success. The achievement gap narrows, momentum builds, lives change, and communities flourish.

To ensure the continued progression towards academic excellence and achievement, Drs. Elaine and Mort Maimon are providing donors with a unique opportunity to double their impact through the Match the Maimons Campaign. You can make an immediate difference in the lives of our students by supporting any program that fits your interest. Every dollar raised from new, increased, or additional gifts between now and December 16 will be matched with an equal donation from President and Dr. Maimon — up to $54,000!

Match the Maimons, today. Invest in the future. Invest in student success. Make a gift today at www.govst.edu/campaign.