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Summer is a time for educators to relax, unwind,refresh, and revive. It is a time to put the education year behind them, take a deep breath, and, after a well-deserved rest, begin planning for the new school year.

“It is very important for teachers to relax after a busy and challenging school year,” said Dr. Steven Russell, Dean of the College of Education at Governors State University in University Park. “Without the rejuvenating effects of summer vacation, teachers are less able to face the rigors and demands of teaching a classroom of children for the next nine months.”

Russell and the other education professors at GSU realize that, while teachers need time off from the classroom, they also need the opportunity to refine and develop their skills as educators.

“Finding the balance between the time to rest and relax and the time to gain the knowledge educators need to enhance their qualifications and potentially increase their salaries is not easy,” explained Russell. “At GSU, we have developed a special program to help teachers fill both needs.”