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Thorn Creek


No one is quite sure how long the automobile engine had been in the bottom of Thorn Creek, but it isn't there any longer. Or how long the bowling shoes, bald tires, and yards and yards of coiled wire have blocked the water flow. But all that trash and truckloads more were hauled recently from the banks and bottom of the creek, and deposited where they belong.

The tires were sent to a tire recycling center to be shredded for ground material. Most of the metal, such as the engine block and wire coils, were sold as scrap, and what could not be recycled was taken to the landfill.

Disgusted with the condition of the stretch of Thorn Creek that runs along Dralle Road in University Park on the Governors State University campus, members of the GSU Biology Club volunteered recently to clean it up. Biology professor John Yunger and Karen D’Arcy, Chair of the Science Division in the College of Arts and Sciences, helped them. Members of the GSU Facilities Department also assisted in the clean up by operating a front loader to pull larger objects out of the creek and dump trucks to haul the garbage away.