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Fall 1990


Course syllabus for ART 500 Topics in Art: Landscape Photography

Course description: The course is designed to provide the student in photography with historical and contemporary theory in working with the landscape as genre. The class consists of lectures of various aesthetic and philosophical approaches as well as in depth studies of several landscape photographers and their work. This is accompanied by field experiences and critiques. Competency for the course is evaluated on the work produced on three different field experiences to be held on extended times on Saturdays during the class. Each field experience was carefully chosen as representative of the various terrain in this area. Traditional as well as non-traditional approaches will be discussed.

A series of specific assignments are given to give practical experience and involvement to the philosophies covered.

In addition, a position paper on your personal philosophy and direction on photographing the landscape will be turned in with the final portfolio. The paper is to be 3-5 pages typewritten.