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Spring 1999


Course syllabus for ECON 302 Principles of Macroeconomics

Course description: Studies and theories about the economy as a whole, dealing with economic data and behavior at the aggregate level of the economy. Examines income, output, employment, prices, etc., in terms of its measurement, determination, and policy implications.


Additional files include two different versions of the ECON 302VA Spring/Summer 1999 syllabus.

econ302a_1999_wi_mill.pdf (350 kB)
ECON 302A Winter 1999

econ302a_1999_fa_mill.pdf (366 kB)
ECON 302A Fall 1999

econ302b_1999_wi_mill.pdf (346 kB)
ECON 302B Winter 1999

econ302b_1999_fa_mill.pdf (376 kB)
ECON 302B Fall 1999

econ302va_1999_ss_mill.pdf (233 kB)
ECON 302VA Spring/Summer 1999

econ302va_1999_ss_mill2.pdf (404 kB)
ECON 302VA Spring/Summer 1999 (2)