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Spring 2001


Course syllabus for FIN 301 Financial Management

Course description: An examination of the theory and practice of the financial management function in planning the appropriate amount of funds to employees in the firm, raising these funds on the most favorable terms, and directing the efficient allocation of the funds within the firm. Topics discussed include financial analysis and control, the management of current assets, capital budgeting, short-term and long-term financing.

fin301a_2001_fa_max.pdf (347 kB)
FIN 301A Fall 2001

fin301b_2001_ss_max.pdf (306 kB)
FIN 301B Spring/Summer 2001

fin301b_2001_fa_max.pdf (129 kB)
FIN 301B Fall 2001

fin301wa_2001_wi_max.pdf (332 kB)
FIN 301WA Winter 2001