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Spring 1995


Course syllabus for MGMT 55ABA/ACA Topics in German Business/Topics in German Government

Course description: The course focuses on the culture of the German nation, its business arrangements, government, history and language. Participants in the course will fly to Germany and reside in the historic city of Oldenburg in the State of Lower Saxony for 17 days with the exception of a two-day excursion to the political capital of Berlin. Single-day excursions to Bremen, Hamburg and the State capital of Hanover are also planned. Visits have been arranged to German businesses, governmental offices, points of historical interest and cultural attractions. An introduction to the German language will be made possible through approximately 12 hours of instruction in "Survival" German. Comparisons with American institutions and processes will be made whenever appropriate. German professors will be utilized for lectures on German business and government. The course is open only to students participating in the German Study Tour, July 8-25, 1995.