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Winter 1996


Course syllabus for MGMT 840S Problems in Production Management

Course description: This course will cover the management of the operations function, the function that is responsible for converting inputs, i.e. raw materials, labor and machinery, into outputs, i.e. products or services that your company sells. This is a crucial function, and perhaps the crucial function, for any business firm. Note that although the course is titled "Problems in Production Management," many of the concepts have relevance to services as well.

There will be three major themes to this course. First, as a graduate course, this class will focus primarily on the "big-picture" strategic aspects of operations. Keep in mind, however, that the big picture doesn't make any sense if you don't understand the components which go into producing that big picture. Thus we will also cover the technical details of operations to the extent that these details are necessary for intelligent formulation of an overall strategy.

Second will be a focus on international business. Any production management course will spend a certain amount of time covering Japanese manufacturing methods. We will expand this coverage somewhat with the Fingleton book, which discusses the Japanese governmental/economic system.

Finally, we will discuss current topics which have a bearing on management and manufacturing. Each student will be expected to read Fortune magazine throughout the trimester (a six-month subscription costs $14.25). Each week we will discuss selected articles.



Course title derived from other syllabi in the collection.

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MGMT 840S Fall 1996