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Fall 1995


Course syllabus for MGMT 52ABS Creating a Business Home Page

Course description: The student studies a number of corporate web pages, compares them and gains an understanding of their structure, content, layout, and the nature of their impact. A business home page is seen as corporate presence on the Internet. The primary objective of the course is to learn to design and create pages on the Web with HTML (hypertext markup language). The student learns FTP and Gopher and downloads appropriate images, graphics, and icons to create the home page. Before starting the home page development, the student is required to storyboard and organize the material for the web presentation. Students link their pages to each other and to other web sites (URLs). In an effort to understand the role of 'interactive home page,' the student creates a form which is then linked to the home page. The course provides the basic information to create effective business home page (including forms).