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Winter 1994


Course syllabus for MIS 370 Business Microcomputer Applications

Course description: Introduction to the major business applications available for use on microcomputers, including hands-on experience with various software packages. Focuses on student use of electronic spreadsheet, word processing, database and graphics programs, as well as accessing other computer sources through telecommunications.

mis370_1994_fa_fry.pdf (343 kB)
MIS 370 Fall 1994

mis370b_1994_wi_fry.pdf (377 kB)
MIS 370B Winter 1994

mis370d_1994_wi_fry.pdf (129 kB)
MIS 370D Winter 1994

mis370e_1994_wi_fry.pdf (396 kB)
MIS 370E Winter 1994

mis370f_1994_wi_fry.pdf (377 kB)
MIS 370F Winter 1994