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Winter 1995


Course syllabus for MIS 420A Business Information Retrieval and Database Management

Course description: Introduction to the management of database systems. Management problem solving will be related to the output of databases to include the development of business strategies, competitive analysis, internal analysis of cost, and other selected business subjects. Commercial software will be reviewed for performance and advantage. This course will cut across functional management lines and show a relationship between the external and internal environment and the business firm.

The course is designed as an introduction to the design, operation and performance evaluation of databases. The role of databases as an integral part of management information systems, decision support systems, and expert systems is emphasized. Major part of the course is devoted to Relational Data Models; a basic introduction of the hierarchical and network models is included as part of the course. Topics covered include : Database Architecture, Conceptual and Physical Design of Databases, Database Environment, Database Administration, Database Security, Object-oriented Data Languages, Knowledge-Based systems, etc.


MIS 420A

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MIS 420B Winter 1995