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Winter 1994


Course syllabus for MIS 430A Business Simulation and Modeling

Course description: Introduction to the use of computers in creating models of business systems. Deals with the methodology for designing and conducting computer simulation experiments using models of enterprises and socioeconomic systems. The course will expose students to the basic concepts of model choice and formulation including heuristic models and management games. Provides an introduction to selected simulation languages (e.g., SIMAN, GPSS and DYNAMO). Basic statistical tools and techniques required for simulation will also be covered. Approximately 50% of the course time will be devoted to the methodology and practice of simulation and the remaining time (50%) in lab sessions to gain a working knowledge of SIMAN IV and GPSS/PC, to design and develop PC based business simulations. Students will also be required to develop simulation models using BASIC and spreadsheets (LOTUS 1-2-3 and/or Quattro Pro). Emphasis will be placed on the interpretation of simulation outputs.


MIS 430A

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MIS 430A Fall 1994