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Winter 1991


Course syllabus for MIS 512A Management Information Systems

Course description: Presents the basic concepts of design, development, and implementation of MIS in organizations. Develops an appreciation of modern computer systems and information processing technology. Studies methods to identify information requirements, factors to be considered in designing reporting systems, information system structures, and the relationship between information structures and organizational variables. The course provides an opportunity for the student to gain an overall understanding of the various technological developments in the computer field (in both hardware and software) and the impact of the computer and communication technology in transforming the workplace and the way business and other organizations function. Issues connected with MIS management also will be discussed. Students will develop business applications using a business software, e.g., LOTUS 1-2-3, dBASE IV, Microsoft Works, etc. Case analysis will be used to provide a realistic understanding of the problems connected with the design and implementation of MIS in several organizations.


MIS 512A