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Fall 1997


Course syllabus for MIS 610A Information Systems for Managers

Course description: Provides an introduction to the use of computers to manage and analyze information in business and public administration. This includes introductory concepts of computer technology and management of information systems, concepts of systems analysis and problem solving, and extensive hands-on experience with various microcomputer software packages. The course consists of the following three parts: 1. A set of cases which will illustrate the application of computers in various organizations (in profit and not-for-profit organizations). These cases will illustrate how management information systems are designed, developed and managed in small and large organizations. 2. Study of various concepts connected with systems analysis, MIS, corporate and functional information systems, and computer and communication technology. The basis for this study will be a textbook on MIS and resources from Internet. 3. Computer Lab work to learn various computer software and Internet.


MIS 610A