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Winter 1993


Course syllabus for MIS 301A Introduction to Management Information Systems

Course description: This course provides an introduction to the use of computers in a business environment. It contains two distinct components, a lecture/textbook component and a laboratory component. The conceptual aspects of MIS will be covered in a standard lecture format, making full use of the textbook. Topics covered will include basic computer hardware, software development, systems design and decision making. The laboratory portion of the course will provide students with hands on computer experience in some of the more popular applications packages. Emphasis in this course will be on the work processing package WordPerfect and the electronic spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3. Students will also learn basic computer programming techniques using the programming language BASIC.


MIS 301A

mis301b_1993_wi_parm.pdf (467 kB)
MIS 301B Winter 1993

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MIS 301C Spring/Summer 1993