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Fall 1999


Course syllabus for MIS 301 Introduction to Computer Concepts

Course description: Provides an introduction to the use of computers in business data processing including introductory concepts of computer technology. Includes hands-on experience with various microcomputer software packages, focusing on student use of electronic spreadsheet, word-processing, database, and graphic software.


Additional files include two other versions of the MIS 301 Fall 1999 syllabus.

Instructor's first name derived from other syllabi in the collection.

mis301_1999_fa_fry2.pdf (419 kB)
MIS 301 Fall 1999 (2)

mis301_1999_fa_fry3.pdf (418 kB)
MIS 301 Fall 1999 (3)

mis301b_1999_wi_fry.pdf (420 kB)
MIS 301B Winter 1999

mis301d_1999_wi_fry.pdf (418 kB)
MIS 301D Winter 1999