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Winter 2002


Course syllabus for MIS 360 Microcomputer Development and Diagnosis

Course description: This course is designed to prepare students for the A+ Certification Exams given by CompTIA. By studying the text and participating in lab activities, the student will learn various hardware components, operating systems, and networking. This course will focus on DOS and Windows operating systems, including operating system commands.


Course title derived from another syllabus in the collection. Date derived from information on page 2.

mis360_2002_ss_abub.pdf (240 kB)
MIS 360 Spring/Summer 2002

mis360a_2002_fa_abub.pdf (223 kB)
MIS 360A Fall 2002

mis360b_2002_fa_abub.pdf (225 kB)
MIS 360B Fall 2002