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Spring 1992


Course syllabus for STAT 510A Statistical Process Quality Control

Course description: Provides the student an opportunity to understand the basic concepts of SPC (Statistical Process Control) and its application to improve product/service quality and through that industrial productivity. Major emphasis of the course is on the control chart method of controlling quality during production. The course also attempts to introduce students to the philosophy of W. Edward Deming whose work led Japanese (and recently American) industry to adopt a new management philosophy which revolutionized their quality and productivity. An attempt will also be made to introduce the student to the major contributions of Joseph Juran, Philip B.Crosby, A.V. Feigenbaum, W.A. Shewhart, K. Ishikawa and G. Taguchi. Strategies used by several U.S. Corporations to implement SPC will beintroduced to students through case discussion and presentation. Application of SPC concepts to the service sector will also be discussed.