Date of Award

Spring 2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts



First Advisor

Beth Parin

Second Advisor

Gerald Slowik

Third Advisor

Linda Geller


Clear as Ice? - a look at the world below the surface of ice and water. When we think of ice we think of something that is cold with a clear or blur color that can be seen in most photographs of snow and ice. When ice melts, it becomes a liquid then it is gone. No one wonders or even gives it a thought; it is simply something that happens.

For my thesis project, I photographed ice from various types of water: tap water (water softener had been added), rainwater, and bottled mountain spring water. All of the photos were taken using a macro lens that enabled the ability to capture the evolution of the ice from its frozen state to its liquid form. The use of the macro lens captured the unseen world of ice which is not the clear, colorless image one would imagine, instead, it captured images with deep blues, browns, grays, greens and more. The images themselves did not turn out to be common photographs of cold, frozen water, rather they became abstract images that caused viewers to stop and question what they were viewing. And the viewer's responses to the photographs were as interesting as the photos themselves, since viewers expressed a great variety of subjective interpretations for the images. The ongoing observations of the photographed objects during the project also let this artist to profoundly reflect on the nature of change.