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Program book for the 10th anniversary celebration. Contents include:

  • Illinois Senate Resolution No. 251 congratulating Governors State University on its 10th year
  • Letter from Governor James R. Thompson
  • Message from Leo Goodman-Malamuth II, current president
  • The Beginnings by William E. Engbretson, previous president
  • Listing of people seated on the dias
  • Program order of events
  • Listing of representatives from distinguished colleges and universities
  • Listing of state and local leadership
  • A Decade of Service
  • Getting Ahead of Yesterday: Ten Years of Governors State University by Daniel Bernd
  • What Governors State University Has Meant to Me by Mildred D. Johnson


10th Anniversary Celebration Committee
Beverly Beeton
William Dodd
Helen Hughes
Joan Lewis
Richard McCreary
Hector Ortiz
Donna Siemro
Aida Shekib
Frieda Vazales
Virginio Piucci, Chairperson

Original Citizens Committee
Charles R. Barr
William L. Blaser
Bryce C. Boothby
Judge Abraham W. Brussell
Robert L. Collins
Richard L. Duchossois
Joseph Garmano
Harold J. Gouwens
Richard D. Irwin
Frederick G. Jaicks
M.R. McLary
Thomas J. Murray
Donald O'Toole Sr.
Allen Sams
Adolph J. Scheid, Sr.
Julius W. Sih
Norman A.Simon
Michael Tenenbaum
W. W. Thorsness
Richard R. Weeks
W. E. Williams, Sr.
Robert E. Zoll

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Editor: Joan Lewis
Graphic Designer: Linda Willard
Production: Ken Pennington
Photographers: Richard Burd and Lloyd DeGrane