William E. Engbretson Remembered


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23:00 Minutes. This digitized video was originally prepared for the University Memorial for Dr. William Engbretson, founding President, held at Governors State University following his death on December 5, 1997. The memorial service took place in Engbretson Hall on December 19, 1997.

This complication includes a promotional film from the early days of the University (pre 1974), a short Channel 2 News clip from opening day in September 1971, short interviews with faculty, administrators, and students, and clips of the construction of Phase 1. Also, "A WEE Tale", created for a surprise party on September 16, 1976 at the Alsip Holiday Inn to mark the departure of Dr. Engbretson following his resignation, effective July. (Faze 1, July 23, 1976)


Speakers on camera, in order of appearance:

Harry Porterfield, TV 2 (CBS) News reporter (September, 1971)

(2:34) Frank Jackson, Master's student in Media Communications at GSU, and a 5-time Emmy Award Winner for the Chicago CBS TV (Channel 2) production of the public affairs program Common Ground.

Dr. Anthony "Tony" Wei, University Professor of Cultural Studies

Mr. Jim Smith, University Professor of Communications

Dr. Ron Brubaker, University Professor of Physical Sciences

Dr. Robert "Bob" Press, University Professor of African Studies

Mr. Warland (Dave) Wight, University Professor of Cinematography and Instructional Communications

Dr. Alfonoso (Al) Sherman, Dean, College of Cultural Studies

Dr. Bob Press

Unidentified female student

Kathy Taylor, secretary (answering telephone)

Dr. John Chambers, University Professor of Life Sciences

5:46 - with Bill Engbretson, voice over then entering frame - Mel Muchnik, GSU Director of Communications, University Professor of Media Communications

Ms. Temmie Gilbert, Director of Children's Theater

Unidentified student

Dr. Rueben Austin, Dean, College of Business and Public Service

7:25 - Burt Collins, Director of Cooperative Education

7:44- Dr. Roy Cogdell, Dean, College of Human Learing and Development (now Education)

Dr. Al Sherman

Dr. Ted Andrews, Dean, College of Environmental and Applied Sciences

Ms. Paula Wolff, University Professor of Public Administration (and GSU's 3rd President)

The remaining film is "A WEE Tale", a multimedia presentation produced for Dr. Engbretson's farewell party on July 16, 1976.

Digitized from VHS in June 2019 by Global Video Chicago. A project of Governors State University Library and the Division of Digital Learning and Media Design.

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Permission granted for non-profit educational performances. Contact opus@govst.edu for more information.

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