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Over the past year the campus for the new Governors State University in Park Forest South has been under study. It has been investigated not just from the standpoint of how the physical characteristics of the site will eventually accommodate structures; but by the many factors that will ultimately contribute to the overall success of the institution. As part of the planning process for this campus, a series of interim reports was prepared as an indication of progress and to allow those involved in the planning to better understand the influences that have prompted the conclusions of this study.

The purpose of this document is to summarize the material presented in the interim reports and to re-emphasize those portions which have emerged as significantly contributory to the planning process. Much of what is contained herein is extracted from previously submitted material. It has been arranged in such a way as to offer continuity to the random approach of data gathering which because of circumstances is typical in early stages of a new campus.

In general, the contents of this report began with the site as an area of land which offers many opportunities for development. The analysis of the site and its surrounding area reveals many factors that enhance these opportunities. The analysis reveals as well the problems of the land, and the relationship of the site to its edges. The sorting out of the site elements has allowed an investigation of objectives which would aid in bridging the gap between "existing characteristics of the !and" and "options for development". Finally, the patterns of development are studied and a campus plan emerges. The plan in itself does not offer a precise solution nor does it attempt to define the potential growth patterns for an experimenting institution. It should, however, serve as a guide for future development of the campus and as a basis of judgment on which future decisions can be made.

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Published in OPUS October 2, 2019. Original copy is curated in the University Archives Historical File.