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In observance of the Quincentenary of the Columbus expedition to the New World, Dr. Virginia Puicci, Vice President of Planning and Administration at Governors State led planning and fund raising efforts for the Carillon and an endowment for an annual scholarly symposium. Though fund raising efforts fell short of the goal of an endowment for an annual symposium, The Christopher Columbus Carillon at the Governors State University was dedicated on November 13, 1992 as part of an all-day scholarly conference. The Doctorate of Humane Letters (Honorary Doctorate) degree was conferred upon Alberto Bemporad, who was the commissioner general of the Genoa Exposition in 1992, and Paolo Emilio Taviani, who was named Italian "Senator for Life." He has had a distinguished career in both the political world and the academic world. Senator Taviani was a leader in the anti-fascist Partisan movement. In 1947 he was among the founding fathers of the constitution of the new Italian Republic. He subsequently served as Minister of Finance. Minister of Treasury and Minister of Interior. Senator Taviani served as professor of history and economics at the University of Genoa from 1945- 1983. He is the author of a dozen books, including Cristofaro Colombo, la genesi della Scoperta (1974) and I Viaggi di Colombo (1984) which is published in English as 'The Voyages of Columbus".

The program contains a schedule for the day's events, the Dedication ceremony program, and the following essays:

  • Reflections on 1492 and Christopher Columbus, by Arthur P. Bourgeois, Ph.D., Governors State University
  • The Image of Columbus and the Challenge to History, by Dominic Candeloro, Ph.D.
  • Nursing During the Days of Columbus (1451-1506) by Maria Connolly, DNSc, CCRN
  • The Columbus Legacy by Lowell Culver, Ph.D.
  • Columbus as a Symbol, by Paul Green, Ph.D.
  • On Christopher Columbus and the 500th Anniversary of Encountering the New World, by Edward H. Mazur, Ph.D.
  • The Spirit of Columbus As We Approach the Twenty-First Century, by Sandra Valle-Lazo Whitaker, Ph.D., NCSP