Publication Date

Spring 2016

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Soon-Ok Park, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

(Clare) Xueqing Tang, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Neng-Shin Chen, M.S.


This Project is to design and develop an online learning management system for students, which will be an open source learning management tools like blackboard, which will provide an online platform for conducting and taking classes online. Where students can register for the classes and get access to the online lectures provided by the instructor that can be in any file format. This system consists of a registration module where a new student can register and login. The students who got registered will get the access to register for the course. And instructor module has the separate registration and can have access to the student details and list of students registered for the course.

The student module has student registration and login, at the registration page student need to provide with all the details like his name, email, phone number and it provide a student to add or drop a course and get access to the course description and details. The students can access the lectures in the portal provided by the instructor, the lecture can be in any type for example it can be a material or video or link to the source etc. The files can be of any format like pdf, doc, ppt, video etc. There will be an assignment submission portal or link where all the students can submit the assignment and can access their grades.

The instructor module will have the different registration form and after login to their portal an instructor can have access to all the student details and list of students that has registered for the class and adding and removing a student. Instructor can send a notification email to all the students and can also notify through text messages via mobile phone. Instructor can provide the lecture through uploading and updating the materials and video lectures to the system so that all the students can access to the materials provided by the instructor. And the instructor can provide record on-screen activity to students for assist with software installation and course related support, with the help of screencast tools. Instructor has the portal to post the assignments and check the assignments posted by students and grade them.


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