Publication Date

Summer 2016

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Arts


Multicategorical Special Education

First Advisor

Philip Boudreau, Ph.D.


This study investigated teacher knowledge and attitudes of both special education and general education teachers towards social emotional learning. A total of twenty-five certified special education teachers and twenty-five certified general education teachers were surveyed regarding their familiarity with the State of Illinois Social Emotional Learning Standards. Teachers’ perceptions of the competency of their higher education preparation and professional development to meet their students’ social emotional needs were solicited. The data gathered from this study suggests that universities should prepare teachers more adequately in the areas of social emotional learning. The data also supports that there is a need for districts to offer more workshops and professional development regarding students’ social emotional needs. Educational implications and recommendations based upon the findings of this study, for future research in social emotional learning are discussed.


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