Publication Date

Fall 2016

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Xueqing Tang, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Do Young Park, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Alex Liu, M.S.


We are developing a sales management portal for non-profit organization named Han Academy Naperville. This organization currently had a web portal for course management i.e. Now our aim is to create a new sales portal that can communicate with their current course portal.

The sales portal which we are creating mainly focuses on student’s perspective pipeline database, and also helps the organization for marketing their courses, organization interests for the list of available courses, and the registration and enrollment for courses. Here we need to collect both parent’s and student’s information and contact information who are accessing the courses by keeping logs of their contacts and their activities and, also assessment test preparation etc., this will help the organization to track the courses and their progress. As it is purely based on the non-profit organization so any student can register without paying a single penny.

This website basically deals the company sales by creating a sales pipeline database. There will be a recruitment officers to manage perspective students and performing sequence of operations such as keeping logs of contacts and activities, and, also some outreach events such as open houses. Event management will help the organization to keep track on the work and its progresses and altering all the unwanted information.


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