Publication Date

Fall 2016

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Xueqing Tang, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Do Young Park, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Alex Liu, M.S.


In the collective success of any organization, the key people who would be acknowledged in the end, along with censuses of the organization either quarterly or half yearly, even yearly, are the salespersons. Inevitably, the organization should wait for a long time to interact with them and get the feedback periodically. This forms a gap between the expected growth and accomplishments to respective efforts. Hence with the help of technological advancements in the IT industry, we would enhance the organizational pipeline through an innovative web application. With the help of this advancement, we are looking forward to make the pipeline of any organization, a better place of interaction and improve the transparency of its workflow throughout the year. Apart from the incremental stock values, it proportionally builds a healthy motivation and bonds among the cross-functional teams.

Our project aims at designing the Sales Management Portal which acts as a proof of concept for a company’s sales pipeline database. This portal majorly functions for the creation and maintenance of the sales database. The key features of this design would be:

  • It allows its users, the sales staff, to easily add details of any new clients in the database at ease and maintain the log details of respective clients including contact information.
  • It allows to announce the available opportunities, address the proposals and sooner or later projects also.
  • Its inbuilt transparency in the portal design empowers top level management to supervise works and allows to track progresses
  • It also tolerates a two-way communication from even the entry level sales trainee to any other hierarchical supervisor involved in the pipeline. This helps in avoiding any deviations observed in the project through proper and timely guidance.
  • This portal possesses an interactive design which allows it to regulate the diverse resolutions, making it easy for user navigation through the portal on their own devices.


Besides the vital features explained above, it has a skeletal structure equipped majorly with two modules namely Manager Module and the Employee module.

Manager Module:

In general manager, would control the level of authorizations each user should possess according to their level in the organization. As the name indicates, it usually contains the users working in the capacity of Managers. In this module, the manager can assign tasks to his sub-ordinates at an ease and even track the progress of each task with the single click of a mouse. This makes his timeline shifted to other priorities flexibly. He can also easily communicate with individuals and a group through personal mails/ messages or accessing the announcements portal available.

Employee Module:

The end user who is responsible for all the front-end work is the employee. The Employee module is restricted with user specific authorizations set by the manager. The general purpose of this module is to add and save the new clients and prospects details with their general information, contact information and their proposals, opportunities and projects information. The sales management employees can also update the clients and prospects information and they can also search the client or a prospect through their names or by using the client or prospect filters to search the appropriate details.


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