Publication Date

Fall 2016

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Soon-Ok Park, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Do Young Park, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Alex Liu, M.S.


Creating an event landing page or website is a very important step in your event marketing tactic as it acts as a hub for all things associated to your event. Because this is the best way to reach maximum number of people. With the help of social media nowadays there is huge impact of web portals in the market. For an any event, there is need to create an awareness among the people that particular event is going to happen. With this portal we can reach people very easily make them know what is the event all about and who can participate and a lot more information can be shared among them. This is not completely a new application, there are lot more event portals, this is just an alternative to the existing model/service.

This is a Web Based system, the basic idea behind designing this application is that the user can plan and create the event according to his requirement, needs and budget. System very efficiently store, access and maintain data from database and can be used for further analysis. This project is a user interactive web application. The system will help the user to create an event. Our Event Management System is especially design to reduce the communication gap between event organizer and clients. Easy to manage historical data in database. User can select the theme for their event virtually on his computer. Participants can register for any happening event from anywhere. Event Organizer can keep records of participants.

This project provides a platform to promote events by event organizers where customers can find nearby events using customer’s current location. It allows any user to create any event with the parameters are category, event type, date and price with landmarks. This project primarily focusing on creating and promoting an event for the event organizers. It helps users to find specific event based on category with the details of travel distance and price. It provides refine search facility to users to search This application featuring services are location identifiers with the help of longitude and latitude points, it provides social bar for each and every event to share with the friends and also supporting saving an event feature. for an event using location, category, date and price and also displays relevant events to the users.



Admin have all the access, he can add, update, delete any information in the system. He can add new event, event manager, Volunteer as well as update them. Admin also have the user credentials to enter into the system. He can able to see all the participants who are registered for an Event. Admin can read all the feedback given by visitors about events.


In this system users are event visitors and event creators. User have to register for event creation or event visit. Can easily check event details times and can contact event organizer easily. Participants can register online and able to get notification about event timing, place or any updates. User can give the feedback about the Event. He can search the events by location, date, event type, Free or paid.


Organizer also has Credentials to login into his panel. He maintains the total no of visitors who are registered for a particular Event. He is responsible for all needs of an Event.


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