Publication Date

Spring 2017

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Arts


Multicategorical Special Education

First Advisor

Philip Boudreau, Ph.D.


This study investigated whether or not there is a correlation between the self-efficacy of high school students and their reading comprehension scores at Smith High School. There were 24 students that participated in this study. Eight of those students were in special education and have an identified reading disability, eight were students in general education, and eight were in honors level reading. There were two instruments used in the study. One instrument used in the study was the MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) Assessment (Northwest Evaluation Association, 2017), which was used to measure reading comprehension. The Reader Self-Perception Scale (Henk & Melnick, 1995) was used to assess overall self-efficacy in addition to four sub categories of self-efficacy including (a) progress, (b) observational comparison, (c) social feedback, and (d) psychological states. A moderate correlation was found between reading comprehension and general perception. A moderate correlation was also found between reading comprehension and the social feedback sub-scale. Only one sub-scale, observational comparison (OC) was found to be highly correlated with reading MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) scores.


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