Publication Date

Summer 2001

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Arts


Communication and Training

First Advisor

Eli Segal, M.A.

Second Advisor

Anna Kong, Ph.D.


This manual was created with the intentions to inform and educate individuals about creating their own television/video production. Throughout the period of time allotted me for this thesis project, I have gained knowledge that will be beneficial in acquiring a position at a television station or starting my own company. Vast experience is obtained through working or interning in the media field. While working for the Communication Services, I learned shortcuts, tips and ways to efficiently execute T.V./Video productions. This experience accompanied with my collegiate instruction on the television/video world has heightened my interest in this field. When producing or directing a production, you have the power vested in you to create something that once was a thought. Through good quality productions and a competent stuff, the sky is the limit for a career in production. Understanding all aspects of T.V./Video Production such as lighting, audio, and directing will make you a better producer or director. Being multifaceted in the television/video production field is a plus. With that being said, this manual exposed numerous positions that are important to a production. Needless to say the more technical duties you know the better chance of getting a job or if you are independent the less people you will have to pay.