Publication Date

Summer 2017

Document Type

Project Summary

Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Soon-Ok Park, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Alex Liu, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Xin Chen, Ph.D.


Home Away From Home is an e-Commerce application for short-term rentals of homes or apartments. This application presents a Web portal for property owners to advertise their properties and lease them to renters for short-term stays.

As the global sharing economy grows more owners of premium properties discover the benefit of sharing their furnished homes. Making use of your home as an asset, when travelling or working interstate or overseas for extended periods, makes perfect sense to savvy owners.

Maintaining your home and keeping it safe is very important to us and we make sure we leave nothing to chance. Before a check-in as well as after check-out, we are methodical in our preparation to ensure your home is perfectly presented for the guest as well as pristine when welcoming you home. We only list the best properties in the best spots. Knowing how special your property is, we make sure we always find you the perfect guests.

This Web application provides features and functionalities to meet the following requirements: • 3 types of accounts: renter, property owner and administrator • Renter can manage its setting and rental transactions. • Properties owner can manage its properties, rental transactions, payment records, etc. • Admin can manage all properties, all rental activities, and all accounts. • Front page will present sections of homes under different themes. • A search box allows users to find particular homes to their interests. • Search result listings show hyperlinked thumbnails of properties. • Full details of properties, availability, amenities are shown on the detail pages. • The application enables bookings and payment transactions. • User survey and comment will be available. • The website will be mobile friendly and responsive to different screen resolutions. • Use of Web mapping technology to show interactive map of properties.


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